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Welcome to the Spine Center at Medical Associates of North Georgia.

The Spine Center at Medical Associates of North Georgia is a nationally-recognized pain management practice acclaimed for its conservative and progressive approach to pain management. Our philosophy revolves around the goal of improving our patients’ quality life and level of function by any means possible. We take a methodical approach to diagnosis, analyzing bio-mechanics, joint motion, muscle, skeletal and nerve tissues, and utilize a variety of treatments that may include a combination of physical therapy, psychological counseling, medications, modalities and spinal procedures to allow us to uncover what is causing the pain while simultaneously reducing it in the most efficient manner possible. We use the latest tools and technologies, and are actively participating in medical research to improve the quality of care pain patients receive across the nation.

We understand that you, and your personal experiences with pain, represent some of the most important data available to us for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, and work as a team with each patient in helping them overcome their painful condition, making them an active participant in their care.

Whether you are just looking for useful information, a current patient needing additional information or a new patient about to be seen, please browse the sidebar for more information on the Spine Center at Medical Associates of North Georgia. We appreciate you choosing the Spine Center at Medical Associates of North Georgia, and look forward to working with you to help improve your quality of life.

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