For Physicians

Chronic pain is always a challenge for physicians. From not having in depth training to drug addicts impersonating pain patients, there is a lot to contend with. The Spine Center at Medical Associates is not a “block shop” or a “pill mill”, and we strive to provide the finest care possible using a multi-modal approach. We will gladly provide consultative services for all patients.  As my training is based in PM&R with my ACGME fellowship in Pain Medicine at Emory, I can assure you that the patient is thoroughly examined before any procedure is contemplated. If it is not something that I would not do for my mother, it will not get done for your patients. We take no unnecessary risks in the procedure suite or in the exam room. There is no cookbook approach and if a procedure is not needed, it is not performed. The Spine Center does not take over prescribing of opiates at time of consultation. If opiates are warranted, a thorough screening is performed including a background check, UDS, Georgia’s Prescritpion Drug Monitoring Program, and Risk Stratification. Opiates are often not indicated and this can lead to distress for patients and providers alike. Our office will work with you and the patient to best address these issues. When patients are good candidates for opiates for chronic non-malignant pain, our office will take over prescribing only their pain medication and adjunctive agents that are helping to relieve pain and improve function.

As a consultant to the medical board regarding opiate prescribing, I am frequently asked to provide opinions on best practices. If you have questions regarding prescribing, abuse, logistics, or how to stay abreast of the latest legal and regulatory requirements as it relates to Pain Medicine, just give me a call. The goal is to care for our patients while protecting our communities.